Greenhouse Gas Calculations


Taking responsibility for one’s impact on the climate is becoming increasingly important for companies. Expectations from employees, investors and customers are growing, and so is the business value of working with climate action. That’s why we’re offering greenhouse gas (GHG) calculations presented in designed reports. These are useful tools for becoming a more sustainable business, and for talking about it.


We believe that the most important issues deserve the best communication, which is why we always make our climate impact reports comprehensible to many. You should not have to be a sustainability strategist to understand your company’s GHG report. This is why we have created a clear structure for our reports and use design to make them engaging.


By calculating your company’s emissions, you create awareness in your organization and establish the opportunity to generate engagement for your reduction - everyone in your organisation can be a part of the journey. You will also have gained a report that can be understood by many and has a unique design. You can find an example of our climate impact reports here.