Leave No One Behind


When Agenda 2030 and the Global Goals were adopted, it included an important promise: that in the work towards a more sustainable world, no one should be left behind. That means reaching the most vulnerable and excluded first.


The project was run by CONCORD Sweden and Forum Syd, two Swedish platforms for Swedish civil society organisations and was financed by Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency).


The logo and manifest were officially launched in September 2019 and made available through us, Concord, its 68 member organizations, numerous other organizations and at the Global Goals website.


Through the Global Goals, we promised to build a better future not just for most, but for all. A future where everyone has equal rights and opportunities to live prosperous and fulfilling lives. To build that future, all goals must be achieved together and for everyone. Only when no one is left behind have we truly reached the Global Goals.

"The icon demonstrate inclusion and that the Global Goals are about people. It has a simple and clean design that does not exclude or discriminate. We all have a head and a heart. But we are also different, and the colours symbolise those differences. The round wheel stands for unity and that we all need to be involved to achieve change. We all have the same rights."

Sofia Svarfvar

Project lead and Policy Coordinator at CONCORD Sweden

"As the awareness of the agenda increases, it is important to remember that it is about people’s lives, which is the agenda’s driving force. Our icon reinforces this human commitment and reminds us that we must not forget anyone, that everyone must have a voice in development."

Jakob Trollbäck

The New Division

"By designing an icon for the commitment to Leave No One Behind, we want to emphasize the importance of working towards equality at different levels of society – from the local to the global. The commitment is about making active and strategic choices to reach groups in communities that are discriminated against and are disadvantaged due to structural inequalities in our societies."

Micah Grzywnowicz

International Advocacy Advisor for RFSL