A Sustainable Tomorrow 2021

Yesterday, Sweden's largest sustainability and future conference, A Sustainable Tomorrow, took place. While our founder Jakob Trollbäck was one of the speakers at the physical conference in Helsingborg, we hosted a hub in Stockholm together with SPP and Cordial and worked remotely together with peers from various industries and companies where exciting discussions on sustainable actions took place.

Many lectures were characterized by increased optimism, but also several obstacles and challenges were highlighted that must be overcome in order for the sustainable transition to become a reality.

Jakob Trollbäck and Jenny Linden Urnes discussing the importance of the Inner Development Goals (IDGs)

Key take-aways from the conference

• We need to spread awareness about the global agenda. Sustainable development is the only way forward, and it is a global challenge that affects us all.

• It’s within our reach to live in balance with nature, progress doesn’t necessarily mean breakdown but rather new solutions.

• New laws. Laws protect and enable us and we need them in order to hinder the most severe environmental destruction.

We are both inspired and grateful to everyone who participated - thank you all!