We are a strategic communication group that works with sustainability.

Who we are

In an increasingly complex world, we create clear communication and powerful strategies for the future. By combining strategy, communication and design with knowledge of global sustainability practices, we raise awareness and create engagement around important issues at all levels of society.

What we do

We translate the language of governments, companies and organizations into messages that everyone can understand and act on.

How we work

There is only one future and it is sustainable. That is not an opinion, it is a scientific fact. We are committed to help everyone contribute to this sustainable future. Everyone has important roles to play, but only by working together can we create good forces for a prosperous, equal and tolerant world.

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Sustainability Strategist

Vi växer och söker nu ytterligare en hållbarhetsstrateg. Varmt välkommen med din ansökan senast den 12e mars till Sandra på: sandra@thenewdivision.world. Intervjuer kommer hållas löpande och tjänsten kan tillsättas omgående. Läs mer om rollen här.


Welcome to the first ever The New Vision, a list of curated sustainability content brought to you every Friday. Articles, videos, podcasts, and websites on some the most interesting topics of the day. A digital cocktail to start your weekend, mixed with affection by the team at The New Division. https://lnkd.in/dJAFSSF

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New year, new recruits! The New Division is growing. Editor and Copywriter Mimi Åkesson have joined the team together with Jenny Lantz Sustainability Business Strategist and Hanna Richter our Project Intern. Welcome to the team!

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We're turning 3! A huge THANK YOU to all of you who have contributed to our three years as a sustainability agency. We look forward to keep working for a better world together, until 2030 and beyond!

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Health is a human right. Despite this, not all people living in Stockholm are entitled to medical care. Doctors of the World (Läkare i världen) is a non-profit human rights organization providing vulnerable people with medical care when society fails them. Everyone working in their clinic does so voluntarily. We helped creating their new campaign, aiming to raise money for them to be able to continue their invaluable work.

Support their cause here

Today, on September 24th, world leaders are gathering in New York for the SDG Summit to accelerate progress with the Global Goals. On the same day, we - together with Concord Sweden - launch the icon for Leave No One Behind, the most important commitment in the Global Goals.

In the Goals we promised to build a better future not just for most, but for all. Only when no one is left behind have we truly reached the Goals.

See more about the project here.

Den 18 september anordnas den sjätte upplagan av A Sustainable Tomorrows hållbarhets- och framtidskonferens i Helsingborg. Vår grundare Jakob Trollbäck finns i panelen som diskuterar årets tema "Ett hållbart näringsliv med nästa generation medarbetare, ledare och kunder i fokus".

Biljetter och information finns här

Next week, Calle, Hannah, Jakob and Sandra will represent The New Division at Almedalen Political Week in Visby. We hope to see you there!

Check out where and when we will be during Monday and Tuesday here and during Wednesday and Thursday here (in Swedish).

The first issue of our annual report Sustainability Focus 2019 (in Swedish, Hållbarhetsfokus 2019) is now out, identifying sustainability challenges and trends that Swedish companies are facing in the next five years. Read the full report here.

Today, the Swedish Delegation for the 2030 Agenda presented its final report to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Environment and Climate, Isabella Lövin. We were assigned to create a popular summary of the report, to be found here (in Swedish). Another example of how we transform important complex information into communication that is easier to understand.

See our new work together with the Stockholm Environmental Institute here, clarifying the connections and interactions between the 169 targets in the Global Goals.

Jakob wrote a piece for Aktuell Hållbarhet about Goal-washing and why the Global Goals targets are the best tools possible for companies and organizations to show how they really are sustainable. Read it here (in Swedish).


Lyssna på när Jakob Trollbäck gästade Navid Modiris podd ’Hur kan vi?’

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Very happy to be working with our friends at The Russell Family Foundation @russellfamfdn, who is encouraging philanthropists to consider impact investing. We designed their latest report, released this week. Read about it here.


We are always proud to have created the visual framework for , @TheGlobalGoals ,, but especially so on the , #UNDay ,. Happy 73rd birthday, , @UN ,! We look forward to keep working hard to create engagement around the 17 Goals in the years to come.

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Tillsammans med Actinate och Malmö Stad har vi startat Tillsammans 2030, ett forum där kunskap, lärdomar och metoder kring genomförandet av Agenda 2030 delas. Det första webbinariet ägde rum den 14 september och finns nu tillgängligt på http://www.tillsammans2030.se . , #Tillsammans2030 ,

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July 11th: Yesterday, Jakob spoke at the , @UN , during , #HLPF2018 , on how our communication system for the 169 targets can work as a tool to assess , @TheGlobalGoals , interactions and support integrated planning.

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Regeringen har nu beslutat om Sveriges handlingsplan för genomförandet av #Globalamålen och #Agenda2030.

We are proud to present A Film for Equality, our latest work together with @UNDP_Sweden: A campaign film aiming to raise awareness about the Global Goals among teenagers and young adults in Sweden. See it here.

Lift off. We have a new website. Thanks to our developers, digital designers and friends at code and conspire for yet another great collaboration.

Visit code and conspire. View the websites open-source code.

Read what major Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter wrote about us here (In Swedish, for DN subscribers).

The Climate Action Playbook launched at World Economic Forum 2020

Today we launch a guide for businesses and investors together with Foresight Group on how to go from Co2 targets to Climate Leadership. Download and read it in PDF here.

Jakob has been nominated as the 11th most visionary, innovative and engaged Swedes over 60. Congrats Jakob, whether you like it or not!

Today, Jakob is on stage with our friend Louise König at A Sustainable Tomorrow, talking about the importance of working long term with the Global Goals targets in order for us to transition into a sustainable future.


"A stable climate is a condition for all life, all business. You can try to save things from a burning house, but the best action is obviously to make sure that it doesn’t catch on fire." 5 min with our founder , @JakobTrollback , in , @TransformSays , .

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Our work branding for nature's living infrastructure, clarifying the invaluable benefits that nature's ecosystem services provide in our cities and societies, is now out. Have a look.

Check out our new work for SustaiNordic: The Nordic Report, a publication featuring sixty innovative examples of sustainable production and consumption initiatives in the Nordic region.


We're turning 2! A huge THANK YOU to all of you who have contributed to our first two years as an agency. We look forward to keep working for a better world together, until 2030 and beyond! , #GlobalGoals , , #Thenewdiv ,

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Over the last decade, natural disasters have affected more than 220 million people. We need to build sustainable and resilient cities to protect ourselves and preserve our planet. Today, we celebrate , #WorldCitiesDay , . Better City, Better Life. , @TheGlobalGoals , Goal 11

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Gudrun Schyman meddelade i dagarna att hon slutar som partiledare för Fi. Nu finns Hampus Linders dokumentär "Gudrun - konsten att vara människa", som vi skapat filmaffischen till, på SVT Play. Se den här.


If you happen to pass by the gift shop at the UN headquarters in New York, be sure to pick up one of our , #targetfinders , - the definitive guide to all the 169 targets, displayed in a pretty cool color wheel. If you live in Sweden, you can order it here: http://store.tnd.world/

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We just launched our online store, where you can purchase various Global Goals related educational material.

Jakob Trollbäck was interviewed by DI Weekend when he founded The New Division. Read it here (In Swedish, for DI subscribers).

Swedish media newspaper Resumé wrote about the launch of The New Division. Read the article here.