The New Division is a strategic communication group based in Stockholm. By combining strategic and creative thinking, we create good forces for a sustainable future.

Our vision is a world where today is always bettered by tomorrow.

Our mission is to create good forces through strategic thinking and future-positive communication.

The New Division is building on 20 years of brand and advertising experience from the agency Trollbäck + Company in New York. After creating the iconic language for the 17 Global Goals for the UN in 2015, Jakob Trollbäck founded The New Division, a strategic communication group dedicated to sustainability. Based in Stockholm, we are working with companies, organizations, governments and academia to build strategy and communication for a sustainable future.

Address The New Division

Kungsgatan 30,
111 35 Stockholm, Sweden,


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What we do

By combining our experience in strategy, communication and design with our knowledge and understanding of global sustainable practices, we help our clients from start to finish on their sustainability journeys. From raising internal awareness and understanding of sustainability, to developing strategies and creating communication concepts, to building a culture of sustainability that inspires engagement and action:


Based on how far our clients have come on their sustainability journeys, we offer tailored services within three areas: Strategy, Creativity and Mobilization.


Analysis & insight

Assessment of trends, risks & opportunities

Stakeholder relations & workshops

Positioning & strategy development


Brand identity, strategy & positioning

Design & communication concepts

Graphic design & copywriting

Print, digital, video & experiential production


Campaigns & Talks

Stakeholder engagement

Tools & guidelines

Activation & continuation programmes

Our philosophy

There is only one future and it is sustainable. That is not an opinion, it is a scientific fact. To build that future, we must all work together and make active sustainable choices. Organizations, governments, corporations and citizens - everyone has important roles to play. Guided by the desire to communicate important and complex issues in understandable ways, we are committed to help everyone play their part.

We translate the language of organizations and governments into clear messages that everyone can understand and act on. We promote the commitments of companies that embrace sustainable business practices. And we create engagement and action around important issues; not only sustainability, but also equality, inclusion and the importance of open societies.

What people say

“Without the icons and Trollbäck + Company’s tremendous work on visually telling the story of the Sustainable Development Goals, we simply would not be where we are today.”

Cathy Calvin

President and CEO of the UNF

“Trollback took the epic, technical, impersonal detailed complexity of the Sustainable Development Goals and made them clear, passionate & accessible.”

Richard Curtis

Screenwriter, film director and philanthropist

“The genius of the work that Trollbäck did was to create for the Sustainable Development Goals a visual language which communicates with the greatest simplicity the plan for the planet.”

Corinne Woods

Director of Communications at World Food Programme