Branding for nature's living infrastructure


Ecosystem services is a global initiative defining and categorized the various services that people freely gain from the natural environment and its ecosystems. Our mission was to create a revised visual system with the potential to reach a large audience without losing recognition or relevance.


As the system needed to be easy to grasp, visually appealing and practical to use, we needed to review all previous versions of the system and revise both categorization, design and titles. We dug into the benefits of each service and created texts relevant to a wide range of professions.


The new ecosystem service system was launched during 2019 and made available to the public on Boverket’s website.

The icons were designed to be as clear and explanatory as possible, but still remaining both relevant and visually appealing. The colors needed to be adapted to accessibility regulations in terms of contrast and colors, while still keeping an attractive and natural palette.

We also illustrated landscapes and cities to highlight the services in urban environments.

In nature's ecosystems, everything is connected. They are full of interconnections and mutual dependencies and if one species is affected, it will affect the entire system. We created some illustrations to visualize these chains and dependencies step by step. In this example, we see how our mental health would be affected if a city park would be removed.

The new system for ecosystem services contains 22 services, divided into four categories: supporting, provisioning, regulating and cultural services. The system is available to anyone and can be found on Boverket’s website.

Finally, as ecosystem services are vital to the Global Goals, we created posters clarifying the relations between the services and the Goals. Without prioritizing ecosystems in our urban planning, we will not be able to achieve the Global Goals and put not just nature, but our own welfare, at great risk.

So, let's care for our nature, so that it can take care of us.