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Much has been said about the increasing global awareness of the Global Goals and the opportunities they present. However, as we head into the final ten years of the Agenda 2030, there is still a lack of information and material for children regarding the Goals and the growing urgency of sustainability.

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Not just for adults

Getting everyone on board is, as we all know, essential in order for us to achieve the goals – not least the next generation of leaders and decision-makers. But for them to feel empowered and involved, they need to understand the Global Goals just as well as any adult.

We wanted to convey the Global Goals message in a format and language easily understood by children. So, we set out to create an online Global Goals kids' show in 17 short episodes.

The process

With funding from SIDA, we gathered a team of creative people with a passion for the project. Farzad Farzaneh, director, host, producer, and author within the children demographic, was our obvious first choice for talking head. He came onboard early in the project and helped us develop and find the balance between information and entertainment in the scripts.

Farzad also wrote the soundtrack jingle that we, together with our friends at Darwood Music, developed further. They also created the musical profile for the series and finally, we found talented illustrator and artist Sebastian Ramn who would design and create the animations.

After spending a couple of months on script development, we filmed the entire talking head content in just one day. The jingle was recorded simultaneously by joint efforts from Farzad, Darwood Music and The New Division team.

Sebastian put a lot of amazing work into making the animations both fit for purpose and within the Global Goals visual language and after some finishing touches in animation and the sound studio, the show was ready to air.

Going on air

The series consists of 17 episodes covering one Global Goal each. Between one to two minutes long, the episodes explain the meaning of each goal, explain what adults are doing to achieve them and give inspiration around how you as a child can contribute to the Goals.

The aim was to create a show that children could both learn from, enjoy and feel empowered by. We wanted the episodes to feel positive and hopeful whilst discussing complex and sometimes scary topics. Target audience is children from 5 – 10 years old and teachers who want to use the series in an educational setting.

The project was entirely pro-bono and will be spread as such. The show is available online for anyone to use and partners such as Spilloteket, Filmriket and Tom Tits have already started to use the series on their online platforms. We hope it makes it into classrooms and homes all over Sweden . See the show at our Vimeo page.

The show has also been replicated by Utbildnings Radion and a version has been made in Italy available for Italian teachers and school children. See their project here.

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