Sustainability Focus 2019

Sustainability Focus 2019 (Hållbarhetsfokus 2019 in Swedish) is the first issue of our annual report, identifying current sustainability challenges and trends that Swedish companies are facing. We have investigated how the responding companies rate their sustainability work five years ago, today, and during the coming five-year period. A web-based survey was sent to Swedish companies in the fall of 2018, 215 complete responses were noted.
Download the full report in Swedish here.

A few insights from the report

The research in the report goes back to 2015, a defining year within sustainability as the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development were launched by the UN. The awareness of these goals has since increased rapidly with a growing knowledge of sustainability as a result. 100% of the responding companies have now heard about the Goals.

We asked the responding companies to rate their sustainability work in alignment with the 'Sustainability staircase', with step one being "we do what the law requires", while step seven is "sustainability at the core of our business". The respondents see themselves moving up the staircase and that this journey will continue. This means that sustainability will become an increasingly integrated part of the companies' operations.

When comparing state-owned companies to private companies, it is clear that state-owned companies (bottom row) estimated themselves as more sustainable historically and in the future compared to private companies (top row).

The management's understanding and prioritization of sustainability has the single greatest effect on the impact of the work says 63% of responding companies.

95 per cent of the respondents think that customer demand and the increasing trend towards sustainable development have a major impact on the company's sustainability work.

89 percent of respondents see sustainability as a business opportunity. 92 percent of respondent feel that their sustainability work makes them an attractive employer, both for existing and future employees.

Lastly, a big thank you to Sustainergies for the collaboration, as well as Hanna Dahlborg and Siri Aasma, students at University of Gothenburg, who created the basis of the report together with us. Great work!

For more insights, please find the report in Swedish here.