Gaming is the largest entertainment industry in the world

With 2.7 billion gamers globally, it is an industry that has enormous potential to create and spread awareness for sustainability. We are therefore proud to be working together with Stillfront, a leading free-to-play powerhouse of gaming studios.

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Gaming has to face its challenges, where two core topics are how games require vast amounts of energy, and that it has to step up to social demands for increased diversity and inclusion. We have assisted Stillfront in developing their ESG strategy, integrating sustainability into their overall business strategy.


With 19 gaming studios in Europe, North America and the MENA region, Stillfront had identified a need for strengthening and developing its sustainability strategy. Stillfront also wanted to make sustainability a clear part of their business strategy, and ensure that their work was accessible to investors.

By interviewing ESG professionals and fund managers, we identified what experts were missing from the gaming industry. Based on these insights, combined with a large screening of ESG rankings, we identified which areas Stillfront should focus on to strengthen their sustainability work and manage investor relations. Building on this, we created KPI:s for both the HQ and the studios, which were delivered together with recommendations for implementation.

One of these recommendations was for Stillfront to take a big step regarding environmental sustainability. As a result of this, Stillfront has taken responsibility for their entire climate footprint – including the energy needed for its users to play Stillfront games. Today, every time a Stillfront-gamer charges their device, the energy consumed has been calculated and compensated for.

Lastly, we co-wrote Stillfront’s yearly sustainability report, showcasing the leap the company had taken during the year as well as the plan going forward – illustrated using their new KPI:s.


Stillfront has quickly advanced its sustainability work in all dimensions, with ESG now being a part of their overall business strategy. We are proud to be working together with a company that illustrates the role sustainability can play in gaming.

Read more about their sustainability efforts on their website.