17 Sustainability Lessons for Leaders


The need for businesses to become sustainable is no longer a topic for the future - it has to happen today. In order for it to succeed, we need a new type of leadership. Taking on the task of exploring sustainable leadership, Swedish business leaders came together in the Novare Sustainable Business Program - a collaboration between Novare Leadership Academy and World Economic Forum.


Simplicity is needed to explain complex topics. Our goal was to take the valuable insights and create material that is scalable and easy to share with others. With this in mind, we gave the insights short descriptive names and a customized icon each. The last step was to create a grid with all of the icons. The material was packaged as a digital presentation.


The project resulted in “17 Sustainability Lessons For Leaders” - a collection of concrete and communicative courses of action for business leaders who want to make their companies more sustainable. The lessons can be downloaded at this page and used as a toolbox for leaders in all sectors to move forward in transforming their businesses.