The Biodiversity Plan

By today, everyone understands we must eliminate CO2 emissions. Preserving biodiversity is even more vital for life on our planet. To build a better understanding of biodiversity and to drive engagement, we have transformed the complex Kunming–Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework into clear language. The new Biodiversity Plan is a powerful action plan to halt biodiversity loss and preserve life on earth.

The new plan is a guide for everyone: businesses, investors, entrepreneurs, inventors, governments, NGOs, educators, researchers, scientists, and the 8 billion people who have the power to sway them all.

Project type
Design + Communication

4 Main Goals + 23 Targets

The framework has four overreaching goals for 2050, driven by 23 detailed targets for 2030. In the first released phase we have worked with the language and the main brand. In early 2024, we will continue the work with the 23 targets. All of them are crucial for our survival.

Like the SDGs, this framework needs a powerful communication system to succeed. Over the last six months, we have been busy creating a communication system for the Biodiversity Framework. It is an expansion of the SDG ecosystem that supports reaching the SDGs by 2030.

We have once again teamed up with Richard Curtis’ Project Everyone to spread it worldwide.

Communicating Complexity

Just like the SDGs, the framework must be understood and valued by everyone, or it will not succeed.

We work to communicate the world's wonderful complexity in inspiring ways that motivate action at all levels. To achieve this, the language must include entry points for people with varying levels of knowledge.

Our main goal is to make sure that everyone understands how important Biodiversity is and acts on the framework.

Visual System

The visual system is inspired by Voronoi diagrams, those captivating geometric patterns that weave themselves into the very fabric of nature’s tapestry. They emerge as silent poets, etching tales of connection across cell membranes. In these patterns, we glimpse the heartbeats of the mathematical elegance that is intertwined with the soul of the natural world, evoking a sense of wonder and beauty.

The Biodiversity Plan’s identity captures the essence of natural beauty, composed of 23 distinct elements. Each element represents one of the targets, forming a unified whole that reflects the interconnectedness, illustrating the need for global action.

The logo symbolizes our connection to all life on the planet and the intricate beauty that surrounds us.

"The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework is a framework for all: governments, indigenous peoples, businesses, civil society and also individuals. It is vital therefore to communicate the framework to everyone, such that they can not only understand it, but apply it to their work. The work of The New Division and Project Everyone on the “Global Goals” was a success in promoting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. One year after the adoption of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, we are hopeful that their work to help us all communicate “The Biodiversity Plan” will spread as wide and inspire the many."

David Cooper
Acting Executive Secretary Convention on Biological Diversity