Världens Plan - The Global Goals Kids' Show


Much has been said about the increasing global awareness of the Global Goals and the opportunities they present. However, as we head into the final ten years of the Agenda 2030, we still see a lack of information and material for children regarding the Goals and the growing urgency of sustainability.


With funding from SIDA, we gathered a team of creative people with a passion for the project. The aim was to create a show that children could both learn from, enjoy and feel empowered by. We wanted the episodes to feel positive and hopeful while still discussing complex and sometimes scary topics.


The series consists of 17 episodes covering one Global Goal each. Between one to three minutes long, the episodes explain each goal, what the grown-ups are doing to achieve them and inspire children to contribute to the Goals.

The Global Goals Kids' Show

The show consists of 17 episodes, one for each Goal, explaining the meaning of the Goal, what the grown-ups are doing to achieve them and what you as a child can do to contribute.

Farzad Farzaneh

Farzad Farzaneh is a director, host, producer and author within the children demographic. He was our obvious first choice for host and talking head.

Farzad helped us develop and find a balance between information and entertainment in the scripts and also wrote the soundtrack jingle.

Sebastian Ramn

Sebastian Ramn created the animations for the show. With a vast experience in communicating important subjects in clear and attractive animations, he found the perfect balance between infographics and entertainment within the Global Goals visual language.

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Darwood Music

Jonathan Skogh and Linus Darland of Darwood Music both created the soundtrack for the show and produced the jingle, written by Farzad Farzaneh specifically for the show.

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