For over 20 years, Tradera has enabled products to be loved and owned more than once. Its online marketplace brings sellers and buyers of used goods together in a safe, reliable and easy way. The Tradera business model is sustainable at the core. We helped Tradera create a strategic plan for how to apply the same thinking to their own operations.


Being a modern and ambitious company with circular thinking ingrained in the company thinking since the start, Tradera asked us to analyze their entire operations to find areas of improvement. Through a series of workshops, we found a number of possible actions to take to both change behaviors and address the direct impact of the company.


In the fall of 2019, Tradera launched the new sustainability strategy, Becoming Sustainable in Every Way. The strategy supports Tradera on its transformational journey to becoming a sustainable company. It aims at changing behaviors, creating a sustainable culture and making Tradera a role model for how a company can become sustainable in every way.