A Film For Equality


The Global Goals is the most ambitious agenda for sustainable development ever agreed on by the leaders of the world. But how do we educate, inspire and mobilize action to reach the Goals?


To connect with the target group, we decided to go for spoken word poetry, an art form predominantly practiced by young people and normbreaking by its very nature.


The film premiered at the UNDP Spring Gala in Stockholm on April 17th. On April 18th it was released on Youtube, and after just a few days over 17.000 people had seen it, placing it as number 25 on Youtube's most trending videos list.

UNDP Vårgala

The film premiered at the UNDP Vårgala (Spring gala), hosted by UNDP Sweden. The gala brought together thinkers, policy-makers and civil society, business and governmental representatives from all over Sweden. In addition to making the film, we created a bold and colourful visual identity for the conference with a logotype and design palette,

strongly linked to the Global Goals iconography, as the Goals were at the front and centre of the event and conversations. Jakob Trollbäck also sat on the jury that handpicked finalists for the Swedish people to vote on in a number of categories, such as Best Communication, Best Partnership and Best Engagement.