From data to impactful storytelling

In a world where information often succumbs to dullness and formality, the challenge lies in bridging the gap between data and impactful communication. Storytelling and strong narratives are a great way to engage and make sense of things. It supports defining your core message, call to action, and clarifies what you want to do.

Project type
Communication + Strategy

Image credit: Volvo On Demand


Volvo on Demand is Volvo Cars car-sharing service and for the last two years, they have produced a sustainability report in order to present user data and the results of more people using this service. In 2023, they wanted to take the work to the next level. Going from information to communication and storytelling, to be used both internally and externally.

Sustainability is an important part of Volvo on Demand’s identity and DNA. For many of their employees, it was a main reason to join the company. They needed to develop a co-cohesive story and report highlighting its impact and contribution to the green transition. The New Division was asked to support Volvo on Demand to elevate the sustainability report, creating a narrative with clear messages.

Image credit: Volvo On Demand


TND worked closely together with different competencies at Volvo on Demand. We interviewed employees and used existing material and new data as content for the story. We structured, refined, and prioritized all the material to create a story that covered challenges within Environmental (E), Social (S), and Governmental (G) and presented the solutions that Volvo on Demand provides to these challenges. The story also connected to the United Nations' 17 Global goals and different cities’ local sustainability targets.

As the story should appeal to a broader audience and those curious about the nitty gritty, a high-level, easily digestible chapter was complemented with an in-depth chapter. To fully integrate the story into the external communication, the in-house design team at Volvo on Demand designed the report and integrated the narrative into their sustainability webpage.

Image credit: Volvo On Demand


Our collaboration resulted in a coherent language and narrative for how Volvo on Demand as a solution contributes to the Environmental, Social and Governmental challenges. By creating an easily digested story, deeply anchored in data and connected to their core business we made sure that a variety of stakeholders would find the communication of interest – both internally and externally.

Image credit: Volvo On Demand

Client Feedback

"The New Division holds a profound understanding of the core principles of sustainability. By harmoniously blending this expertise with a creative mindset, together we artfully crafted impactful storytelling of our sustainability initiatives, providing clear insight into our meaningful contributions toward the development of a more vibrant urban environment."

- Johan Sahlin, Communications and Sustainability Lead at Volvo On Demand.