Our Way of Working

We define your potential and create the tools you need
to accelerate your work.

1. Defining your potential

Understanding the challenges in your sector and finding your path to impact.

Sustainability Analysis
& Insight

We support in giving you an increased understanding of your stakeholder expectations, sustainability trends, business opportunities and challenges. Together, we will identify the insights you need and ground your strategic sustainability work to benefit your company’s overall positioning.

Sustainability Strategy

We support to make your sustainability strategy and plan actionable. The strategy covers ambitions, commitments, goals, and activities. Tackle sustainability issues within E, S, and G, and connect your business impact to the Sustainable Development Goals and Inner Development Goals. The strategy is made to turn your plans into action and sustainability ambitions into business success. We can also support you with strategy implementation.

Building Frameworks and Designing Roadmaps

We build your sustainability strategy framework and make it accessible to internal and external audiences with design and copywriting.

2. Creating Tools

Setting a direction forward.

Brand & Sustainability Positioning

We explore how your sustainability work can strengthen your brand. We create clear messages that capture your business ambition, including Why you work with sustainability, How you are doing it, and What the result is. You will get easy-to-use material that guides you in how to talk about your sustainability work – and what to do to stand out from the crowd.

Storytelling & Narratives

We write a visionary narrative — a short story that makes it easier to connect to your journey with both heart and mind. It will connect your sustainability work with your larger purpose and contribution to society and make sure that everyone in your organization understands what you do within sustainability and why the work is important.

Brand Identity

We create a visual expression – logotypes, icons, illustrations, and colors that resonate with your goals. You receive all assets in an easy-to-use brand book with detailed guidelines.

3. Accelerating Your Work

Moving to transform your business.

Sustainability Playbooks

We create engagement for your sustainability work in an inspiring, easy-to-read book. The playbook explains how your sustainability strategy will be achieved and how every employee can contribute to the journey. Clear copywriting and graphics empower your core messages and make your sustainability work actionable.

Global Goals and Inner Development Goals Integration

We connect your sustainability efforts to the world’s most important framework – the 2030 agenda. We evaluate your company’s direct and indirect impact on all 169 targets of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. You will get a report and one-pager with visuals to support your communication internally and externally.

We use The Inner Development Goals to overcome roadblocks and create awareness in support of the transformation.

In-house Sustainability & Communication Support

Hire a strategist for continuous support and increased capacity in-house. Based on your needs, we help you find the best way to elevate your sustainability work. With our expertise in sustainability strategy, communication, and engagement building, we can support you in understanding standards, regulations, investor requests, and customer demands. Everyone needs a partner in sustainability.

Sustainability Lectures, Workshops & Facilitation

We strengthen your company’s sustainability knowledge and create engagement with lectures and workshops. We provide training and workshops for management and give company-wide sessions on how sustainability impacts your business. We engage your team with workshops about how the SDGs and IDGs can further organizational and individual development.

We facilitate your internal processes, anchoring, workshops and dialogues with different stakeholders for your work to become successful

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