The Climate Action Playbook


The climate is changing but we are not. Still, we know that the climate emergency will force every business to transform, just as the emergence of the internet and the digital economy did. So what will it take for companies to look beyond today’s gain and invest in a fossil fuel-free future?


Together with The Foresight Group, we formulated what a business needs to do in order to become a climate leader. After the production of the text, we created design that makes the steps engaging and tangible.


To create a net-zero emissions economy is an opportunity - reducing emissions goes hand in hand with prosperity for everybody, it drives innovation and creates potential for new business, enriching life as we know it. Our guide on how to become a climate leader assists business leaders and investors in taking the very first steps of this transformation. Read and download the playbook in PDF format here.

The Playbook

This free resource is our joint contribution to human survival. It is not to be seen as in competition with the many powerful approaches to emissions reduction that are being used around the world. Its purpose is to combine climate science, strategic communications and systemic change to a call to action and a practical guide on what to do in order to go from Co2 targets to Climate Leadership.